Thursday, June 26, 2008

When bacon is outlawed, only outlaws will have bacon

The NBA draft is tonight. Very tough to get any legitimate handle on where Marreese Speights will go, but I think he'll fall a little farther than some seem to believe he might. If Miami takes O.J. Mayo, I think they're making a mistake. Lord only knows what the Magic will do in the first round - how's Fran Vazquez coming along? Courtney Lee of Western Kentucky seems to be the guy everyone expects for them, so odds are he's not the guy they take.

LSU coach Les Miles can't foresee not winning the SEC West and then beating either UF or Georgia in the conference title game this season. This guy really doesn't grasp yet how lucky he was last season. Hopefully he continues to be as irresponsibly stupid with his clock management and decision making this year, because no one stays that lucky forever.

Your next great American Olympic city: Birmingham, Alabama! The mayor wants to drop 500 grand on the application to host the 2020 summer games. This is why recall elections were invented. I wonder how they'd work Bear Bryant into the Olympic logo?

Has a more easily disliked guy ever emerged onto the national sports scene than Big Brown's trainer Rick Dutrow? Aside from showing no grace or class as a winner, he placed the blame on jockey Kent Desormeaux for the horse's failing to produce at the Belmont. It certainly couldn't have been the fact Big Brown was taken off steroids before the race, or that his back right shoe was loose. Apparently, Dutrow gave Big Brown's steroids to another horse as a bonus portion and likely will be suspended for it. Gosh, that's a shame.

Over the weekend, my friends Al and Ross alerted me to a great crisis going on in California. The new street drug of choice in Los Angeles? Bacon wrapped hot dogs! Al, who lives in L.A., tells me these things are hugely popular and the smell carries for blocks. Drew Carey gives you more details.

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Malik said...

I'm starting to agree with you about Speights' draft status, despite my inherent optimism. I just haven't heard much, good OR bad, regarding his workouts, and that bothers me.

I think that the Magic are going to be tempted to nab him at 22 if he's still there, but I'd expect them to take SG Courtney Lee if he's available.

Interesting note -- DraftExpress is reporting that Al Horford is going to be on the Team USA Select team that will practice against the US Senior team in Vegas...