Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Bo Diddley's a Gunslinger

Hopefully you watched the Penguins stay alive against Detroit last night. There is nothing like an elimination game in hockey, and the level of intensity in that game showed why. If you didn't see it, at least give game six on Wednesday night a shot.

First Rich Rodriquez had an attorney who represents him embarassingly compare a coach's buyout clause to slavery. Now his agent has admitted to being a front man for one of those incredibly lame "handicapper" services that makes claims like "We've correctly picked every Monday Night Game since 1949!" Rich - pay West Virginia the money. You signed the contract, you owe them 4 million. This will not go away, and it is not helping you.

The Reggie Bush story continues to drag on, with there being new accusations of him trying to stonewall questions in his deposiation. Reggie - pay them the money and it will go away. Otherwise, unless you're Karl Rove, you don't get to refuse to answer questions just because you don't want to. The NCAA doesn't have subpeona power in the Bush case, but wants the information from these depositions. The state of California DOES have subpeona power, which is why the O.J. Mayo case got a lot more interesting over the weekend.

Somehow there's a controversy involving these Upper Deck cards of Obama and Clinton. My question continues to be, who wants a lame caricature of ANY politician as part of their baseball card buying experience? I can only imagine the joy some youngster will feel when he opens a still sealed 2008 pack in five years hoping for a Jay Bruce rookie card and gets a Mitt Romney instead. Did they find the guy who drew these on the Midway at the Alachua County Fair? They made Obama's teeth the size of Stonehenge.

RIP Bo Diddley. Aside from the great music, he gave us one of the great sports commercials as well.

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Jeremiah said...

I watched all three overtime periods of the game last night, and it was incredibly intense and a lot of fun to watch. If the Penguins somehow end up winning this thing, they'd better all take Marc-Andre Fleury out to dinner whenever he wants, wherever he wants, for pretty much the rest of his life. The Red Wings were on the attack seemingly the entire first two overtimes, and Fleury made every single huge stop. Even the garbage goalie interference call on the Red Wings and the subsequent power play couldn't keep the puck out of the Penguins' zone. Outstanding goaltending by Fleury; the best I've seen in the playoffs since J S Giguere of the Ducks back in 2003. The Red Wings have dominated this series, and I wonder if it'll start getting in their head for Game 6, because if Fleury's on his game again and Gonchar can move the puck around and play solid defense, that series will go to Game 7.
It's funny you bring up the political baseball cards, because my son has started to collect baseball cards. So, a few months ago, I bought him some Topps packs and we started to go through them. I'd tell him who the player is and what team he plays for (he's three....not yet able to read it himself) and I was dumbfounded to see a Rudy Guliani card. What the hell?? His team listed at the top was GOP. Are you freakin' kidding me?? My son actually asked "What team does he play for?" and "Is he a coach?". Of course, I told him the Yankees and yes, he was Torre's right-hand man.