Friday, June 6, 2008

One down, three to go

Nice start to the Finals last night. We got a good, competitive game and the Celtics won. Paul Pierce had an injury that scared the hell out of everyone and then had a big comeback moment. Kobe will not settle for shooting jump shots in game two on Sunday, I suspect.

The steroid dealer linked to a member of the Falcons has evidently been murdered soon after meeting with NFL security. This case has been largely below the public's radar, but a killing like this has a way of making lots of media pay more attention. Talk to Gary Condit about what can happen once enough media start digging into a case.

Marreese Speights continues to go through workouts with the NBA. Yesterday he was in D.C., this weekend it's apparently Phoenix. No one expects him back, it's just a matter of when he finally will announce it.

Mike Tranghese will retire as Big East commissioner next year. He's been a BCS supporter, plus his league is part of the support system which allows Notre Dame football to remain independent by giving them regular rights to a bowl bid in Jacksonville and a place for their other sports to play. If the new guy has different feelings on those two issues, things could get interesting.

The licensing agreement for the Hockey Night In Canada theme song is up, and negotiations to extend it have been unsuccessful. I, of course, am not Canadian and was not familiar with the tune. Possibly losing this really qualifies as a great national crisis up there?

The other night before Obama gave his nomination clinching celebration speech, he and his wife did a quick fist bump. Didn't seem all that shocking - lots of people I know do the same thing, including noted hipster Steve Spurrier (the Ballcoach doesn't like handshakes because of germs). The national media, meanwhile, is apparently hearing about this "street" gesture for the first time. What will these crazy kids think of next?

After the show today, it's back to Gainesville for the weekend - can't wait. See you back here Monday.

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