Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Celtics in six

Desite their win last night, the Lakers are in trouble. If that's the effort they came up with in a must win game with a very favorable officiating crew working the game, they aren't winning three more against Boston.

Former Nebraska star and Carolina first rounder Jason Peter is coming out with a book that looks like it could be the NFL's version of Ball Four combined with Motley Crue's The Dirt. This guy has done every substance known to man. If he teamed up with a good writer, this might be worth reading. The part that stands out from that Peter King article I linked is that Peter found so many ways to use drugs that were illegal but didn't trip the NFL's drug policy.

Congratulations to former Bucs coach Sam Wyche on winning a county council seat in Pickens County. I know he technically only won the Republican nomination, but I can assure you that in South Carolina the two are one and the same. Wyche has aways been a good guy, but was a better offensive coordinator than a head coach.

Has anyone fallen farther faster than Dontrelle Willis? When the Tigers signed him to that 3 year, 29 million dollar deal before he had thrown a pitch for them I was stunned. How many times do we see guys who switch leagues and can't adjust? Some guys work in one city but struggle in another. It's only a matter of time before someone in Detroit starts paying for this season with their jobs.

The Wii Fit Girl video has reached 2 million views. If you're somehow blissfully unaware of this phenomenon, it's explained here. If I taped my woman doing that and posted it on the web without her consent, I'd be looking for a new place to live.

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Jeremiah said...

Is anybody in professional sports better at knowing when to trade players and get maximum value than the Marlins? Everyone looks towards the Athletics and Billy Beane as the gold standard for managing a shoestring budget and coverting it into a winning team year after year, but the Marlins and Larry Beinfest are better. Cabrera will end up with monster numbers over the next couple of years with the Tigers, but Willis is as done as Mark Prior. Once Andrew Miller figures it out and starts showcasing his amazing arm, this trade will look more lopsided than the classic Larry Andersen-for-Jeff Bagwell deal.
The Marlins are no joke. Jorge Cantu has finally found a home at third base and is getting consistent at-bats, something he never got with the Devil Rays, and he is producing. The rest of that everyday lineup is full of mashers and professional hitters. Their bullpen is good. If they can get decent starting pitching, they can make the postseason, which would be awful for me since that'll just keep that dirt infield in play for most of the Dolphins' home games. I'll never forgive that dirt infield for causing Olindo Mare's missed field goal in overtime against the Patriots back in 2003, which pretty much ruined that season.