Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My Super Sweet.... 29?

Phil Steele publishes the best college football guide for pure information. That and Blue Ribbon are my two mandatory preseason reads, with Sporting News a little lower priority and the others all irrelevant. Steele's mag is out now, but he also has a good website with some of his info. Check out his ratings for hardest schedules this year - three in the SEC alone are in the top five. UF is at 12. Steele also picks UF number one.

A Notre Dame blog tries to claim Jeremy Foley is a candidate for the Fighting Irish AD job. Well of COURSE he is. Why would Foley want to be at a school where he has total control, a supportive president and a big dollar long term contract when he could be under incredible public scrutiny and viewed suspiciously an outsider? I forgot - the beauty of South Bend will convince him!

I like Chris Leak, but signing up to be one of five battling for a job in the CFL doesn't look promising. Guess the Chiefs and Bills tryouts didn't work out. If it doesn't happen, blame Canada!

Why did Mark Richt get into coaching? Apparently, because he stunk as a bartender. Good stuff from several coaches with Ivan Maisel.

Exactly when did this trend of athletes celebrating their birthday like it's a multi-city concert tour begin? The most recent over the top example is Santana Moss, but this has been a big phenomenon lately. I do not mention my birthday on the air unless someone who knows like Pat forces my hand by doing so. Everyone who knows me at all is aware that I'd be mortified if we were out to dinner and the singing crew came over. It's not because it bothers me to be a year older, I just am a big believer that no one outside of those close to me remotely gives a crap. Is it just me, or do you tend to prefer things low key as well?

Don't forget, game six of the Stanley Cup finals tonight - it will be worth your viewing time.

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Titan said...

If the Irish think they want Jeremy Foley as AD they had better do some background work first. If for some inconceivable reason he would decide to leave a program that he is completely in control of, as well as a large budget, supportive president and fan base to try his hand in a new unfamiliar and often over scrutinized position; The Notre Dame faithful had better get accustomed to the notion of the releasing of certain under achieving coaches (Charlie Weis.) Many things can be said about how Jeremy Foley operates the Athletic Department at Florida. The one thing that seems to stand out to most unbiased observers is his unwillingness to accept mediocrity. Foley has dismissed coaches’ time and again that had what would be considered respectable records at most places, but did not ever achieve what he saw as the potential for the program. When paired with the long standing theory of many people close to the program that he also desires coaches and athletic department staff that fit the Athletic mold. Hence, most of his hires are young and in shape individuals whose youth and exuberance, are selling points for their respective programs. I think Jeremy Foley is one of the greatest if not the best AD in the country; I would not be surprised if any school came calling. I just don’t think Notre Dame is the place for Jeremy Foley, just like it wasn’t the place for Urban Meyer.

Just My Thoughts,