Thursday, June 12, 2008

Maybe Florida Gulf Coast U will hire Corso next

Georgia State is starting a football program, which meant nothing to either of us until today. Then the word came down on who their coach will be - Bill Curry! This is outstanding news on so many levels. College football will once again witness the offensive wizardry of the man who decided to have Tim Couch, the top dropback QB recruit in the country, spend his first year running the option. Remember, Curry decided the place to give Couch his first start was at Florida Field after he spent the first month of his career backing up Billy Jack Haskins. The final numbers still blow my mind - UF won 65-0, while holding UK to 67 yards offense and 0-16 on third downs. If there was such a thing as suing college football coaches for malpractice, Couch should have filed one against Curry at halftime. Now Curry's not only off ESPN at last, but there's still a chance Spurrier will book Georgia State for a game and try to hang another 75 or so on Curry as payback for firing him as QB coach when he took over at Georgia Tech. Happy days are here again!

Looks like one of Urban Meyer's former Bowling Green players is joining the UF staff as an unpaid volunteer assistant. He's playing AFL ball for another couple of weeks. Dwayne Dixon used to play for the Detroit Drive in the Arena League while he was Spurrier's WR coach, so it can be done.

Speaking of guys still chasing the NFL dream in other leagues, Chris Leak is now a Montreal Alouette. Perhaps he can get a poutine endorsement deal.

The latest details of the Tim Donaghy scandal have tons of angles worth pursuing. Henry Abbott of TrueHoop brings you a professional gambler's point of view. One quote unrelated to gambling that still stands out, considering this guy watches 900 plus NBA games a year...

"If (Greg) Popovich is the guy you lean to if you are unsure of what to do, (Doc) Rivers is certainly the guy you look to if you want to know what NOT to do."

Oh goody. Game four tonight is a big one for the Celtics. They played game three like they expected to lose and they did. If the effort is better tonight, the Lakers look plenty vulnerable. The Rondo injury is a pretty significant concern, though.

Aside from the sickening quality of a show like Celeb Rehab 2 existing, on what planet are people like Rod Stewart's son and a former American Idol contestant considered "celebrities"?

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