Thursday, June 5, 2008

This mall has everything!

Didn't forget about you today, but my internet service has been acting up. Fortunately the wireless here at the Columbiana Mall Food Court is working. So, over lunch from the Cajun Cafe Grill (which like all mall "cajun" places, is staffed entirely by people of Asian descent), a few quick thoughts....

Tampa Bay went young with its draft pick, selecting shortstop Tim Beckham. Beckham may turn out to be a great player, but why couldn't the Rays trade this pick? Other sports do it without a problem, and MLB would be wise to look at doing the same thing. If the Rays could have used this pick to help their bullpen right now as they compete in the AL for the first time ever, I suspect they would have preferred that option to adding another top talent that may play for them in three years.

Bad news for the Canes, as one of their top defensive ends had surgery yesterday. Georgia had a defensive end be a bonehead and likely will suspend him. Mark Richt may be the best coach in the SEC when it comes to fast and firm discipline of his misbehaving players, yet it seems every year the Bulldogs have a bunch of kids screw up in the offseason.

You have a choice to make as the result of winning a contest. On the one hand, you get to go all expenses paid to see the Rose Bowl. On the other, you get to eat lunch with the College Gameday guys. See you in Pasadena, right? Eh, no. I know and like Chris, Lee and Kirk but that is some seriously flawed decision making.

Since I'm coming to you from the mall food court, here's the best music video ever shot in this setting: New Radicals with "You Get What You Give". The Blues Brothers had the right idea. I really hope my internet's working when I get home.

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